About the MindHealing InstituteSM

The MindHealing InstituteSM was founded in 1986 as the Corporate Psychology Center ™ and then the Center for Productivity and Creativity™. In 2008 our MindHealingSM programs were introduced and the corporate name was changed in 2016 to the MindHealing InstituteSM. This change was prompted by those we serve referring to our MindHealingSM  programs and the addition to our staff of professionals in the fields of business and healthcare who were not psychologists.

Throughout our 20+ year history of service to corporations, governmental, human services and health care organizations, and individuals, the MindHealing InstituteSM has focused its attention on identifying and minimizing obstacles that people – whether as employees, recipients of service, or individuals – may encounter that keep them from leading healthy, productive and creative lives and careers.

Organizations that have benefited from our programs under the MindHealing Institute'sSM  longterm focus on reducing personal stress and environmental stressors, anxiety, unfocused thinking and poor pacing have included:


American Society on Aging

Area Agency on Aging

Camillus House


Ernst & Young, LLP

Goodwill of South Florida

Hawaii State Public Library System

Hyatt Classic Residence for Senior Living

In The Rooms


Mandel Public Library of West Pam Beach

Monsanto Company

Optimist International

Salvation Army

St. John of God Hospital

Star of the Sea

The Surf Club


Yoga for Youth