Advanced Mind Healing℠ Through Mindfulness and ACTion℠ 
(ACT for individuals, organizations and networks of individuals
and organizations).

The Center for Productivity and Creativity’s℠ Advanced Mind Healing℠ program is based on the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a mindfulness-based, third generation cognitive-behavioral therapy. The Center for Productivity and Creativity’s℠ protocol extends the ACT technique, which has proven effective with a varied range of clinical conditions, including depression, anxiety disorders, workplace and life altering stress, chronic pain, eating disorders, substance abuse, and even schizophrenia into the arenas of improved performance of individuals (i), organizations (o) and networks (n) of individuals and organizations.

How ACTion℠ works to improve productivity and creativity.

Research on the efficacy of mindfulness and ACT principles accelerates psychological flexibility, improves work performance, job satisfaction, mental health, training outcomes, and propensity to innovate, while reducing work stress, absenteeism, presenteesm, burnout, and job-related errors.

Mindfulness and the principles of ACT improve productivity and creativity by promoting personal resilience through the development of psychological flexibility, value and goal oriented behaviors. Psychological flexibility refers to a person’s ability to be in the present moment, mindfully observing and aware of current thoughts and emotions and remaining committed to take action toward values and goals.

ACTion℠ is based on the six interactive processes detailed in the ACT model: (1) contact with the present moment; (2) acceptance; (3) defusion; (4) perspective taking; (5) values clarification; and (6) committed action.

Workshops will introduce new tools such as metaphors, writing exercises, videos and more to enhance mindfulness, acceptance and commitment to take action, do what matters and live a life that is values oriented.