Each of the MindHealingSM programs has a contemplative dimension. There is an ancient link between meditation and medicine that was understood long before modern medicine. Over time this link has been validated by research and the expansion of neuroscience and the mind, body, spirit connections.

Are you or someone close to you:

  • Stressed out, anxious or feeling out of sorts?
  • Dealing with unmanageable stress?
  • Feeling overwhelmed?
  • Ungrounded or disconnected?
  • Vulnerable to negativity or the environment?
  • Susceptible to an unhealthy life style?
  • Difficulties maintaining focus and creativity?
  • Subject to premature aging?
  • Ruminating about the same thing over and over again?

The MindHealingSM Institute will guide you to choose a discipline that will maximize Resiliency, Productivity, Creativity & Personal Vitality through Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the mastery of self-observation and self-regulation to gain clarity and calmness. MindHealingSM practices cultivate Mindfulness and Resilience through Meditation, Reiki and Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT).

The MindHealingsm method refers to a set of psychological, physiological and spiritual practices. These disciplines are used to integrate the mind, body and spirit to maximize resiliency, productivity, creativity and personal vitality.

The MindHealingSM techniques have been selected becasue of their scientifically documented ability to reduce stress and anxiety, unfocused thinking and poor psychological pacing. Each of these conditions has a determental effect on personal vitality, productivity and/or creativity.

The MindHealingSM programs can be tailored to fit your busy lifestyle and preferences utilizing practice, study or discussion formats as needed, in group settings or indivudual consultations and coaching sessions.

I had a great talk with my friend Cara Aboldo of Lake Worth Yoga Collective