Does your organization have people in it?

Do you serve clients or consumers who are subject to:

  • Unmanageable levels of stress?

  • Difficulties in maintaining concentration and creativity?

  • Low levels of performance?

  • Susceptibility to unhealthy lifestyle?

  • Premature aging?

If so, your organization and the people affiliated with it will benefit from The Center for Productivity's Mind Healing℠ programs.

The Mind Healing℠ method refers to a set of disciplines drawn from a variety of psychological, physiological and spiritual practices. These disciplines are used to integrate the mind, body and spirit to maximize productivity, creativity and personal vitality.

The Mind Healing℠ techniques have been selected because of their scientifically documented ability to reduce stress and anxiety, unfocused thinking and poor psychological pacing. Each of these conditions has a detrimental effect on personal vitality, productivity and/or creativity.

In group settings, the Mind Healing℠ Through Meditation program consists of the 6-hour series of 4 to 6 interactive workshops as outlined below, typically followed by ongoing group sessions utilizing a study, practice and discussion format.

Individual consultation and coaching sessions focusing on the mastery of the Mind Healing℠ Through Meditation are also available.

Mind Healing Through Meditation.

Objective: Introduce techniques that can empower individuals to manage the adverse effects of stress and stressors on personal vitality, creativity and productivity in their personal and/or work lives.

Audience: Corporations, agencies, healthcare facilities, social clubs, spas and individuals.

Format: Four to six workshops totaling six hours.


Workshop I


General discussion of Mind Healing℠ techniques
Introduction to meditation
Physiological benefits
Importance of posture
Meditation practicum

Workshop II


Breath awareness
Diaphragmatic breathing
Body scan practicum


Workshop III

Brain Integration

Brain integration
Physiology of the brain hemispheres
Nasal cycle
Balancing hemispheres techniques & practicum
Mindful walking practicum

Workshop IV

Mind Healing Review

Review of stress reduction techniques
Review of mantras
Review of brain integration
Review of postures
Guided imagery practicum


Ongoing Group Practice

Objective: Facilitate weekly group or individual practice to reduce stress and anxiety.

Audience: Corporations, agencies, healthcare facilities, social clubs, spas and individuals.

Format: Typically one hour sessions include meditation and or relaxation techniques with discussion. Sessions can be tailored to meet time limitations.

Introduction: How to establish a regular practice and its’ benefits.