Introduction to Therapeutic Mindful Meditation

Join me for a structured, four week journey into the therapeutic benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

Registration includes four 1.5 hour sessions and workbook:

Session 1 - April 2nd, 2019 (Tuesday)

Session 2 - April 9th, 2019 (Tuesday)

Session 3 - April 16th, 2019 (Tuesday)

Session 4 - April 23rd, 2019 (Tuesday)

Each session is from 10:00 - 11:30 am EST.

CE’s available

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Mindful Meditation & Resilience through Acceptance & Commitment Training (ACT 1)

Now that you are mindfully present how do you create a rich and meaningful life? Deepen your meditation practice and integrate your mindfulness and resilience skills using Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT). These sessions develop and enhance an awareness of personal values to guide your behavior to create a rich and meaningful life. ACT is like a road map to Accept, Commit and Take action. Finish ACT 1 and continue with ACT 2.

Each session will start off with a brief meditation, then an ACT core process will be introduced. There will be handouts and exercises to work on during the session. The six core processes presented include: Present Moment Awareness, Defusion, Acceptance, Perspective, Values Clarification and Committed Action. Get unstuck as you become more flexible and open.

Session 1 - April 3rd, 2019 (Wednesday)

Session 2 - April 10th 2019 (Wednesday)

Session 3 - April 17th, 2019 (Wednesday)

Session 4 - April 24th, 2019 (Wednesday)

Each session is from 1pm - 2:30pm EST.

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