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Thanks so much for that lovely leaf and stream meditation. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many major stressors going on as now and it was a wonderful reprieve. Blessings.
Hi Pat, I so look forward to MindHealing and am sad when I have to miss it. I went to a conference today by the Institute of Brain Potential on Reasoning with Unreasonable People and we talked about ACT:). I am unable at this time to share because of severe PTSD and trust issues but I am working on it. I would love one of your ACT cards, Pat. Perfect reading from Proverbs. Please be safe during the storm. You are such a beautiful person. I think this work is so powerful that people do not share as they need to process
Thanks so much for your dedication. I find each time I attend that I am learning to love myself in ways I never could. The meditation tonight brought tears to my eyes.
Wish I had a recording of it. Thank you thank you thank you.
Hi Patricia, I would love for you to send me an ACT commitment card in the mail! I sat in for the first time this evening and LOVED it.
Hi. Great meeting. Can you send me ACT card? THANK YOU.
Hi Pat, I got so much from the exercise. Using the thought, I am poor. I am currently getting free of debt and I realized in your meeting I have been punishing myself with this thought and that it is no longer true. Thank you for the handout and card please :).
I enjoyed this meeting so much, thank you Patricia! I am holding the 12 steps very close lately, and it’s so rewarding. Love your work, so glad you are here!
Patricia, Hope I am not too late to request worksheet and card? If possible, please mail to me. Namaste!
Patricia thank you so much for tonight .... I so needed husband and I try never to miss your meditation .... thank you for giving of is life changing and we are so thankful for you.
I don’t have a webcam or mic, but thank you so much for tonight’s guided meditation. I haven’t done one in forever and I appreciate your gentle guidance! Started working my 9th step about 2 months ago and what you had to offer us really helped me understand it better.
Stephen here, first time. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed and try to practice mindfulness often. In the moment.
Thanks, Pat. Really found your meeting comforting. See you again. For sure.
Hello Pat, thank you for the lovely space tonight. I see you are familiar with ACT... refreshing to have a fellow traveler! Hope to get to know you more as we move along. Warm regards.
Thank you for the wonderful meeting (again) tonight! The information that you have been giving us over the last few weeks finally ‘clicked’ a bit for me tonight! I was too shy to share because I felt pain but I will work on my perspective and see if I muster up the courage for next week! I appreciate you! I am grateful for you! Thank you for your service and for sharing this with us. Love from Texas.
Hi again Pat! Just wanted to check in, say hello, and give you some feedback! THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything that you have shared with us. I have been referring back to the 6 core processes and remembering the Choice Point ...I loved the video of the demons on the ship and to keep on sailing regardless. That visual has been helpful on more than a few occasions!
I do have a question for you...Where can i find a list of the values that you read off when we were to choose from them and then decorate our tree? I would really like to look at that full list again if possible.
Integrity and Creativity have been packed in my “purse” (meaning closest at hand) and the others that I chose are not far away, packed in my “carry-on luggage”.
Another question is about one of the mantras that you had suggested. It was about Jesus and maybe it was in Aramaic? Was it Maranatha? Or something to that effect? It slipped by me that evening somehow so I chose LOVE as my mantra but have had that question for you in my mind since our last meeting.
Thanks again for everything that you have shared in our Mind Healing meetings. The information has carried over into my day to day life and is having a very positive effect. I am grateful for you. Lots of love!
WOW! I just looked at your profile page and found the information that you had sent in reply to someone else on here about the Maranatha Mantra and the World Community for Christian Meditation. - Looks like an AWESOME resource!!! Thank you again! Seems like a whole new exciting window has just opened up, ready for me to explore!
Hello Pat! I just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU for opening up last week in the MindHealing meeting and sharing yourself and your story with us. Your raw honest share and vulnerability touched my heart and inspires me to be authentic and do the same. I have been sharing a bit more in my different meetings this past week and it helps to give a voice to what is inside and what I am feeling. I love your idea of relating the 12 Steps to our weekly meetings and I always look forward to MindHealing each week. I keep applying the different things that I have learned from you to my recovery and my life and for that I AM GRATEFUL !!!
Love from Texas.
Dear Pat, thank you for another great meeting last night. Your meditations are very soothing to my soul. Hope that you have a great rest of your week/weekend. Lots of love from Texas!
Hi Pat! I haven’t been able to attend your meetings as of late because of another obligation on Tuesday nights but I caught the very end of tonight’s meeting and heard you speak... I realize that I need to make an amends to my Mother because it seems like lately I have been tuning her out because I am holding on to an old resentment towards her and I just haven’t been listening. Thank you for your honesty and for your service! I really miss your meetings I will be able to attend again in a few more weeks! Love.
Hi Patricia, I really enjoy your weekly meetings. It’s quite the help with the trauma I’ve endured about five months ago. I was interested in receiving one of those cards. Thank you for your service. It has helped more than you know. Regards.
I would love a little card please - Thank you so nice of you ————-I really wanted to share in your meeting but as you were sharing I keep crying sometimes for an hour then I stop then I start - thank you for your meeting. :) Much Gratitude.
Hi, I got your cards and the commitment and acceptance therapy info - Thank you it came on my 2-year clean birthday today I took this as a huge sign I am on the right path. Once again thank you. Meditation change at this level can be very intense starting tomorrow morning I am adding a gentle yoga class. I will not be afraid, time to continue the healing your letter was this sign I do believe in signs … Much Gratitude love and light from across the oceans :).
I attended the Mind Healing meditation for the first time tonight. Please send me the ACT card and/or information. Thank you.
Thank you for your service this evening. The message you shared hit home on so many levels. Your spirit is truly a blessing
Thank you for your service, kind voice and beautiful spirit. I’m interested in the notes that you were talking about. Thanks so much.
I love your meeting! I look forward to meditating with you. Can you please send me the ACT card. Thank you so much!!!!!!
Hello Pat, Thank you so very much for the session this evening. (I lost you for a couple of minutes due to a power flux thanks to a very windy evening here on the Maine coast). Anyhow, I would love to have an ACT card, as you mentioned. I am very interested in learning more about this approach to improve and enhance my life. With love and gratitude.
Oh, the meeting was very helpful. Never attended before but have already put next Tuesday at 9 on my planner! Not at all boring. Take care. Xo
Hi Pat, thank you so much! I received the MindHealing and ACT info and am really impressed. I didn’t mention it before but I practiced as an L.C.S.W. for 20+ years. If I was still in practice, I would enroll in the training! Wow-fantastic approach. I think incorporating growth beyond the 12 steps is so incredibly important. I see so much limited vision in our 12 step programs at times. At this point, I have reached a recognition that I hold limitless potential and that it’s up to me- to take the time andeffort to create my vision, goals, and the steps involved to get there. And, I have a much better grasp of what abundance and spirituality is really all about. I’m going to check out your website. I really admire your obvious hard work and dedication Pat. With Love.
Thank you again. Wonderful! I believe you are absolutely doing something you were meant to do. xo
Dear Pat, I am writing about my values now and can continue following your meetings. I’m not sure entirely what my values are vs. what I wish to have in my life.
If you can recommend anything please let me know and I’ll have a look! Thank you, and take care.
This is such a gift! Looking forward to this. I think it will give me some greatly needed clarity. I’m trying to make some big decisions right now. Thank you so much!
I have been in treatment for my adult life. I’ve attempted suicide 2x. I recently had to start seeing a new therapist because the pastoral counselor thought my issues were beyond her abilities (another rejection). I’m dx chronic PTSD, OCD & Dissociative d/o. I’m currently on ‘another’ medical leave due to the ‘secondary trauma’ & inability to be able to function. I have no sponsor & am trying to just get thru each day without hurting myself or freaking out. I’ve enjoyed your meetings you have a calming voice. Is there a way to review previous meetings? Are they recorded by chance? Sorry for so much info/questions.
I’m listening to you in the meeting called “MindHealing” and heard you talk about the 6 core processes - could you send me the card with those printed on them like you mentioned? Thank you Patricia!
I will be joining you on Wednesdays (Australian time) whenever I can, the meditation put me in such a peaceful state and the story made me hark back to my childhood...thank you for your gifts :)
Hi, please send me the ACT card. I have really enjoyed the talk. I also would love to have the ‘values clarification.’ Thanks.
Thank you for being here!
Hi Pat, I would like it if you can send me a card. Thank you So much :)
Patricia, centeredness is critical to our well-being. Please, please, make a point to sit quietly with yourself and acknowledge the good things you do. Guess we can count on ourselves if we choose to and that is a good thing.
Dear Pat, Thank you so much for the meeting tonight! I am just going to share with you to mark the power of the meditation. When I went into my house I had a hard time finding my mother because she typically was always in motion running in and out of the house on her way to important projects, but when I did find her, I told her I needed “attention” and “time”. Much easier to find my father, who was loving but likely low level bipolar, and when I found him I asked for “more emotional stability”. When I found myself, I took my hand and asked myself to provide those things for me that I hadn’t gotten enough of in childhood. I need to give MYSELF more time, attention and emotional centeredness. Thank you again for this beautiful meeting.
When body scanning I typically get twitching or fluttering in one area of my body. This time it was in my rib cage on the right side of my body. Is this normal or what may cause it?
Patricia, thank you for the lovely meeting and the friendship here. Would you be available for mentorship? Best wishes.
Patricia! How cool is that? The meeting was really great.
Hi Patricia, and thank you for the meeting tonight!!! I’d love one of those cards you showed.
All is good.
Hello lovely Patricia, thank you for launching us on our exciting journey with you and ACT:) See you next week. As mindful as possible until then :)
You were amazing in your serenity this evening:) Hugs.
I really got a lot from your meeting tonight. You said if we emailed you our snailmail address you would send us an ACT card to carry with us. I would really appreciate a card to carry in my wallet.
I got so deep in meditation tonight and so relaxed and stress free that I was unable to respond when you asked for shares. I am still processing things that floated to the surface, and I have to let that process continue. But I want you to know how helpful and healing tonight’s session was and how much I appreciate your commitment to sharing your skills and program with all of us. I look forward to next Tuesday’s session. Sincerely.
Excellent Meditation - Thank you Pat!!!
As a Catholic, I especially enjoyed tonight’s meeting! Thanks Pat for all you do for us here. Have a great week! oxo