Objective: Introduce techniques that can empower individuals to manage the adverse effects of stress and stressors on personal vitality, creativity and productivity in their personal and/or work lives.

Audience: Corporations, agencies, healthcare facilities, social clubs, spas and individuals.

Format: Typically four to six workshops totaling approximately six hours. The format can be tailored to fit your busy schedule.

Session 1

Mindful Meditation

General discussion of MindHealing℠ techniques
Introduction to meditation
Physiological benefits
Importance of posture
Mindful Meditation practicum

Session 2


Breath awareness
Diaphragmatic breathing
Body scan practicum

Session 3

Brain Integration

Brain integration
Physiology of the brain hemispheres
Nasal cycle
Balancing hemispheres techniques & practicum
Mindful walking practicum

Session 4

Mindful Meditation & Focused Awareness Review

Review of stress reduction techniques
Review of mantras
Review of brain integration
Review of postures
Guided imagery practicum

Intro to Therapeutic Mindfulness & Meditation - Private Training

Join me for a private, structured, four week journey into the therapeutic benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

Registration includes four 1.5 hour sessions and workbook.

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Continuing Group Practice

Objective: Facilitate weekly group or individual practice to reduce stress, anxiety and improve mindfulness.

Audience: Corporations, agencies, healthcare facilities, social clubs, spas and individuals.

Format: Typically one hour sessions include mindful meditation and or relaxation techniques with discussion. Sessions can be tailored to meet time limitations.

**Due to space limitations, classes only open to people who have taken Intro to Meditation & Mindfulness**

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